We're pleased to be able to offer "Let's Talk", a free counselling and mediation service with our qualified advisors.

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Our counselling service is designed to create an open forum for our clients to investigate and help answer their questions on any concerns or issues they're experiencing.

We operate two referral methods to our counsellors; direct - where a client requests a counsellor, this is usually where the client has opted to use a counselling service previously.

We may also refer clients of one of our counsellors if a joint decision is made that it would be of benefit. In this scenario we'd discuss all available options.

Sessions are conducted in a safe location in our suites in our centre. If you've any specific requirements, please contact us.

Let's Talk Mediation

Our family mediator can aid discussions where two or more parties come together to discuss an issue, or a series of issues.

Our mediator isn't here to give advice, judge or take sides - they remain objective at all times to ensure everybody has an opportunity to discuss their points.

A mediator usually creates an action plan, or agreement where both parties sign. This isn't a legal document, but an agreement based on goodwill.

Our mediator may need to take notes during the session in order to prepare any agreements, however these notes will not be shared and are solely for the purpose of building the plan.

Workplace Mediation is also available, where a company and an employee require a way of managing discussions for the best possible outcome. This is a good alternative before a lengthy and expensive trial. This is a chargeable service, please contact us for more information.

Did you know? A £10 donation, doubled-up by our partner TheGoodExchange, is enough for us to deliver 1 counselling session.